Farm Power Malt is operated by the Pfeifle family who has farmed in Power, MT for over a 100 years. For generations we have raised barley for the industrial breweries. While those beers are enjoyable from time to time we think our grains would be much happier being made into craft beer and spirits.

Ryan and his wife Janna are the newest generation to choose the farming life. They spent 2006 living in Scotland basking in amazing Scottish beers and whiskey. Ryan was quickly converted into a radical beer geek traveling and chasing beer around Europe. Upon returning home this passion evolved into home brewing and ultimately the desire to make an all homemade beer. Experiments began with hop growing and home malting... jump ahead a few years and we have built a one of a kind malting drum.

This is great grandpa Jacob (YahYah) a kind, loving, family man. With his wife Karolina they scratched their way up from nothing to farm and provide for nine children. In his thick german accent he would respond to nearly every question with "Yah Yah" solidifying his long held nickname. We owe everything to Yah Yah and all our hard working ancestors. What a blessing to be able to live in such a beautiful place, to farm, and now to be a part of the amazing craft beer/spirits movement. Our guiding principle is to continue this legacy and make Yah Yah proud...while of course also having a little fun.

Great Grandpa Conrad driving. Grandpa Harold riding.
Threshing before they had a combine
Grandma Almeda or "Grandma Meda" as all the grandkids called her.
Phil Pfeifle with the old John Deere 55 in the background. We still have that combine.
Old school horse power
We did stray away from Deere equipment for awhile.
Grandpa Harold in the John Deere 55 and Phil driving truck.