Mmmm Malt

Current Malts:

Someone else a long time ago created malts and gave them names like pilsner, pale, and vienna. Our malts are made with interesting grains in a one of a kind hand built machine. This creates truly unique malts which we have given their own distinct names.  We say "inspired" only to give you a hint of a somewhat similar malt. 


BOHEMIAN inspired malt ... This malt hides nothing.  The terroir of our farm and our malting process shines through.  Crisp, bright, and grainy. 

1-2 SRM



PALE inspired malt ... The perfect Montana farm made base malt that is clean and smooth, yet complex. Cordova lays the perfect "groundwork" for you to build upon or let it stand out on its own.

2-3 SRM



VIENNA inspired malt ... Hints of graham cracker and honey, this higher kilned malt makes a rich base for any beer or a malt forward crowd pleaser on its own. 

 4-6 SRM

Out of Stock


Our MUNICH inspired malt ... Want to enhance malt character?    Marias will add an amber orange color and plenty of malty goodness to your traditional German beers or any beer you want a melanoidin punch. 

6-8 SRM

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DURUM malt ... Durum (also known as pasta wheat) is grown in our area to supply a local pasta company. Eastham will make a great replacement anywhere wheat malt is used, but will bring a new interesting character. Think pasta versus bread. Or one could just say: "Holy Mouthfeel Batman"

 2-3 SRM




West of Power is Freezeout Lake.  It is a place of incredible wildlife diversity.  Do yourself a favor and spend some time at Freezeout during the bird migration. It is a breathtaking experience, especially if you take your favorite locally made beverage.  We also love diversity in our malts and making malt is like any other art form. Having a malting machine on our farm allows us to express this art form with frequent experimentation. These experiments will be listed as the Freezeout Series.  If you also love to experiment with your beers and spirits this is the place for you. 


This is our latest far out there experiment.  After lots of small scale experiments we did a full scale mixed grain malt and DAMN the wort tastes amazing.  Robust and honey-like

60% barley

32% Rye

8% Egyptian Purple Barley




OutOutWhen this malting adventure started I asked Dad if there was a barley variety he remembered from his childhood.  He thought for a moment and said, "Unitan". In 2016 a few grams of seed was acquired from a seed bank.  We hand planted and threshed the first few years to increase our seed volume and now have enough to malt. What interesting old world flavors will this 6-row reveal.  You can now find out.

MSU 1957 6-row barley variety.   3 SRM

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Old world dark malt ... There is a unique old world process we are mimicking to make a malt like no other.  Diastatic yet dark. "Super malty, full of dried fruit flavors like prunes, raisins, and cherries which are covered in caramel".  Check out the review below.

53 SRM (yet will convert itself)



This is a diastatic Amber colored (maybe Orange) malt. It's not a Biscuit or Amber malt as it wasn't roasted.  It's not a Munich malt as the moisture was high at proteolytic temperatures.  It's not a caramel as it never had a saccharification  step.  The best descriptions we have come up with are: 


15 SRM

So happy to have it back in stock


Where do our names come from?  There is a railroad line starting in Fairfield, MT which passes through Power, MT on its way out to the rest of the world.  A large portion of the barley raised in Montana still travels on this line.  Along the way there used to be many stops where grain was loaded onto trains.  These were places where a year of hard work finally came to fruition.  Often when times were good, great joy on the farm started at the elevator.  The farmer could finally treat his shoes and presents for the kids, a new dress for the wife, new equipment to make life easier all started at the grain elevator.  While industrialization and efficiency has forgotten these places we choose to remember.