The Machine ;)

Our malting machine is a one of a kind drum that was hand built by us on the farm.

Most industrial malt is made in a massive vat with grain beds well over 6 feet deep. Such a deep bed means the bottom sees a much different process environment then the top. Mechanical stirring is used in an attempt to create uniformity, but complete mixing is never achieved. This means the malt varies from kernel to kernel.

Drums are far superior at creating quality uniform malt, but are not practical for the large batches required in industrial malting. Fortunately we have no desire to be industrial maltsters. Our focus is on making quality malt, rather than quantity malt. (Yes, that's cheesy but nonetheless true)

Malting is a very resource intensive process but we have designed our system to be very water conscious and environmentally friendly. We use spray steep, our drum rotation, and air exchangers to create a quality malt with a low environmental impact.

Fun Fact: Our drum turns over 300 time per batch creating an amazingly uniform malt.

Before you can build a big drum you build a small one.

Malting drum 1.0